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Monday, July 19, 2010

Allamanda, Murrarya and rain lily flowers

Welcome to another edition of macro monday, a weekly event hosted by Lisa at Lisa's Chaos.You will find some magnificent macro shots out there. All pictures are thumbnails and you can view the full image by clicking on them.
I would start by macro of crinum lily. Very fragrant and large blooms.

Murraya exotica is blooming profusely as monsoon has started here. No aroma can compete that of murraya's.

And when we talk of rains and monsoon, rain lilies come into mind and into bloom as well.

Allamanda is another climber growing right now. Many colors are available of this beautiful climber but the toughest one is the yellow one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Allamanda, brugmansia, plumbago flowering

Here goes some images for Garden Blogger Bloom Day.

White hibiscus, not in my garden, but the shot taken at road side near my home.
white hibiscus lahore

Plumbago in my garden. Growing in 12 inches clay pot.Plumbago auriculata Cape Leadwort Skyflower

First ever brugmansia flower in my garden
brugmansia fragrant flower angel trumpet

Blooming only in 10 inches pot while its neighbour in 16 inches pot is yet to bloom And fragrance is just awesome.
brugmansia pot plant inverted flower

Gmelina philippensis, parrot's beak, ching chai is native to Philippine, Malaysia, India and pakistan. Not growing in my garden but at a roadside near canal bank. Gmelina philippensis parrot beak

I tried so hard to capture this little butterfly still but it was not resting at all. so i had to take a moving pic and i am not at all good at that.
butterfly on flowers lahore

Another shot. Really pretty butterfly but picture is blur because i am no expert in handling shutter speed and exposure.
butterfly urban area lahore

Another butterfly having a morning walk around this tangerine bush.
butterfly on tangerine flower

butterfly on lemon tree

butterfly on citrus flower

Resting on my allamanda vine
butterfly on allamanda golden trumpet

Dragon fly shot in the evening. It was pretty hard picture to take.dragonfly lahore

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Growing in pots? you have to see this!!!!!

Now this is something very encouraging for those who have no space like me and are restricted to pot culture. Folks, this railway creeper is at least 15 feet and the plastic container is only 4 inches deep. and i have placed it on a concrete shade which is further 8 feet high from the ground. Now don't ask me how did i manage to put this clay filled container on this shade!!!. The pic is taken from roof top.
railway creeper ipomoea palmata

Allamanda in same container, almost 10 feet high.
Acutally there is another vine in the middle, morning glory. But i think she is over taken by these two and hardly nourishing. But she will bloom too, for sure, just wait a while. This pic taken at 4x optical zoom of canon powershot.
allamanda cathartica golden trumpet vine

Who says you cannot attract butterflies and bees with container gardening? well i surely think otherwise. now i am not good at bees and i think this is a carpenter bee. sorry for not capturing this bee closer, actually i am afraid of their sting!!!!!
bee pot plant

carpenter bee lahore pakistan

carpenter bee on flower

carpenter bee urban area

I captured this butterfly when thick black clouds had taken over and rain was just coming by. This cutie took shelter on my jasmine nitidum leaf. It was very low light and you can see some grains in the picturesulphur butterfly on leaves

Isn't it strange that this mushroom sprouted, oops i think we can use this word sprout with fungi as well, right? in this D shaped pot instead of my soil bed. They grow almost every year during monsoon rains.
mashroom lahore

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