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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free tomato seeds give away

I am glad to announce this tomato seeds give away on my blog. Sherilou is a generous gardener from New south mexico, USA. And i received freshly harvested heirloom tomato seeds from the mountains of Zuni courtesy to Sherilou. I also got some other cultivars of tomato which are extra. So Any one who is interested in these seeds, just reply in this thread and send me your address at muhammad dot khabbab at gmail dot com and i will send the seeds. I will send seeds wrapped in bubble wrap to those who are overseas. For overseas gardeners, i will send through airmail but may not be able to send first class.

Remember, maximum 2 packets per person. And one packet of seeds will contain around 10 seeds. This offer is only for amateur gardeners !!!!. I will add more tomato seeds in coming few days.

Porter dark cherry tomato - from sherilou
These are some tough heirloom tomatoes. Very heat tolerant. Indeterminate type.
Packet 1 - M. Subzwari, Karachi  - SENT
Packet 2 - Jahanzaib, Islamabad - SENT
Packet 3-  F, Irum. Rawalpindi - SENT
Packet 4 - S, Shahid Karachi - SENT
Packet 5 - Waqas, Lahore - SENT
Packet 6 -  
Packet 7 -  
Packet 8 - 
Packet 9 -     
Packet 10 -         
Packet 11 - 
Packet 12 -  
Packet 13-  
Packet 14 -  
Packet 15 - 

Tomato pole beefsteak
Packet 1 - M. Subzwari, Karachi  - SENT
Packet 2 - S, Anis, Karachi - SENT
Packet 3-

Tomato hillbilly
Packet 1 -
Packet 2 -

Tomato golden jubilee
Packet 1 - S, Anis, Karachi - SENT
Packet 2 -  
Packet 3-  
Packet 4 -  
Packet 5 - 

Tomato rio grande
Packet 1 - 
Packet 2 -  
Packet 3-  
Packet 4 -  
Packet 5 -

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Runner up in Dave's garden photo contest 2010

It is of immense pleasure to me to announce that i got the runner up position in the annual photo contest 2010 at dave's garden, the largest online community of gardeners around the world. The category was "Macro" and this picture of water lily got 54 points. You can click on the picture for full view.

Thanks to all who voted for my photo. Although voting and photos were anonymous so nobody knew whose picture this was. It was my first time participating in the event and it was a wonderful experience. I would participate next year as well and encourage all the readers to do so.

I could not participate in Carol's GBBD this month due to EID holidays but i hope this post would qualify for bloom day as it does contain a wonderful bloom and there is nothing else blooming in my garden right now apart from this waterlily. Don't forget to see other bloom posts on Carol's website May Dreams Gardens

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The giggling morning glories

The affair was going on for several weeks but not disclosed until today morning. Rain drops hugging the gorgeous blooms of morning glory. MG blooms were looking so happy and went on blooming and blooming with pleasure. Even those stubborn blooms which had no intention to open up and always showed as they were spent but actually not, also participated in the carnival. They did not stop as i caught them in the "act", in fact they cheered and giggled.
blue morning glory lahore

Now these vines are covering my front wall of about 15 feet at least. As they reached the top of wall, you can see they sort of had a get together, a junction. i am trying to cover my first floor terrace with these. now they have reached the top, i am guiding them to upper top, makes total of 35 feet.
ipmoea tricolor flying saucer

Now this is interesting. She is trying to elbow her neighbour, C'mon sleepy head, wake up. but she is sort of dozing. Maybe trying to gather the energy to open up and join the party. i hope you enjoyed the show as well. cheers.
morning glory ipomoea tricolor

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thunbergia,rudbeckia, senecio flowers in my garden

August is the month of monsoon. We root cuttings, transplant perennials, prepare beds for fall plantings this month. Those climbers and bushes which are late summer bloomer and those which did not bloom because of intense summer heat are coming back to life. see below the flowers blooming in my garden. Just a treat to see these blooming and blooming.

Rudbeckia - black eyed susan.This is a raised bed as i dont have much space. It is just 4 inches of soil and beneath that just concrete/cement. i will plant crocus bulbs here as soon as 15th september arrives. They flowered well here last year :P
rudbeckia black eyed susan

gomphrena in a small pot
gomphrena bachelor button

Senecio confusus (mexican flame vine)my all time favorite vine and butterflies just love it. blooms are fragrant too.

Thunbergia grandiflora (bangal clock vine) at Lawrence garden Lahore
thunbergia grandiflora bengal clock vine

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