Saturday, June 22, 2013

Private garden of Amer Yar Khan - Lahore

Dr Amer is a Doctor by profession and has tremendous interest in gardening. He has accumulated some wonderful rare plants from his garden. I would like to share some of the beauties in his garden. Hope you will enjoy it. A very large flowered daylily.

Another beautiful daylily

He has many varieties of hibiscus specially tropical hibiscus. This one is cosmic dancer
hibiscus cosmic dancer

This hibiscus is city slicker
 hibiscus city slacker

He is very fond of fragrant plants so gardenia is an expected plant in his garden. He grows around 6 varieties of gardenia. This one is Aimee Yoshioka the largest gardenia in the world. 
gardenia Aimee Yoshioka

Tall beard iris grow well here in lahore. This one is Cloud Ballet. 

iris Cloud Ballet

This is michelia figo also called as magnolia figo.Common name is banana shrub. Very fragrant flowers but very slow growth

. machelia figo

There are lots of roses in his garden including david austin ones and other fragrant roses. This one is bronze star.
 bronze star

Double delight is one of his favorite roses for both the beauty and intense fragrance. double delight rose

Ebb tide

ebb tide rose

Augusta louise

 Augusta louise rose

He is also growing many bulbous plants as well. This one is a giant amaryllis.

Cybister lima
. Cybister lima

Ornithogalum dubium Ornithogalum dubium

Scilla peruviana. Probably the only scilla which will grow in lahore. Many plants from peru do good in lahore. Scilla peruviana

Some of the vines from his garden. This one is lonicera gold flame, a honey suckle. lonicera gold flame

Lonicera magnifica
 Lonicera magnifica

Passiflora clear sky
 Passiflora clear sky

Tabebuia haemantha

Tabebuia haemantha

I will post more rare flowers from his garden off and on. I hope you would have enjoyed this virtual tour of his garden.

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