Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top Butterfly attracting flowers

Though i would submit a separate post on how to attract butterflies specially in lahore, right now i would focus on only which plants i have found attractive for butterflies.

1- First, butterflies are cold blooded insects so they love sunshine. They tend to prefer area which receives maximum sunshine.
2- Choose flowers rich in nectar. Have you wondered why there is not a lot of butterflies seen on Roses? nectar!!!!! Nectar rich flowers are usually single petal flowers having large seeds visible in the center. See the example of Dahlia below:

single dahlia flower with butterflyGood for butterflies, Nectar Rich

double dahlia flowerNot butterfly friendly, no nectar

Daisy is another common example. Others good flowers include following:
  • scabiosa (pincushion flower)
  • Lantana(specially blue flowered)
  • buddleia (butterfly bush, white color variety survives in plains while purple one in hills)
  • Asclepias curassavica(tropical milkweed)
  • lemon/orange/tangerine
  • Kniphofia(red hot pocker)
  • Allium
  • Cosmos
  • Single petal dahlia
  • Hibiscus
And last but not least Senecio confusus vine. In this march i had more than 200 blooms on this vine and every single day it was surrounded by butterflies.
senecio confusus mexican flame vine

Butterfly on my senecio vine

3-Choose flowers with sweet fragrance. One example is Murraya (Marwa, marwi), i have seen hundreds of butterflies on one single murraya tree near my home.

Note that butterflies usually appear in lahore from February-October. Also, Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swallotail butterfly on cosmos flower

I love butterflies and i cannot resist capturing them sipping from flowers. This is why i like butterfly attracting flowers. During my visit to Punjab University trip to Khanaspur trip, i captured these butterflies sipping from flowers in small botanical garden of Punjab University Khanaspur, NWFP.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Khizra Nursery - Haripur

This plants nursery is situated in main G.T road haripur. I bought so sought after Brugmansias from them. OMG, the flowers were so huge, almost more than my hand's length and fragrant i was just amazed. I tried but could not find anu brugmansia from lahore. May be because its a toxic plant which usually all daturas do. I also bought Some pelargoniums from them. If any one is after burgmansias, they are definitelty worth trying.

I also plan to get seeds for Datura metel bellarina from UK for their dwarf nature and fragrant flowers all summer long. Their seeds, toxic though, are easy to germinate in lahore and it flowers first year from seed. Mine's not starting to bloom yet but i have my fingers crossed, let see.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best of Pattoki plant nurseries

I went to pattoki few times and found following nurseries the best in terms of flowering plants specially vines/climbers. Although you will find tons of nurseries but these have got the maximum variety of flowering plants as to my experience. Please note that this extinction does not apply to foliage plants - only flowering plants.

Changa Nursery - 03004580763 - I think the guy name is tariq over there. They had got huge variety of climbers, i bought one wisteria from him and one white buddleia and few aloe veras.

Madina Nursery - 03008483501 - They have got one of the best plant nurseries over there. They had got yellow buddleia(which could not survive because roots of plant went into soil from pot) , Various varieties of Cassia, tangerines, and other climber varieties. I forgot the guy's name who is over there.

Rehman Nursery - Waqar Rehman - 03454743518 - They are specialist of Palm varieties. They also have got some good variety of flowering plants.

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