Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rare Morning glories on my terrace garden

I love morning glories because they are easiest to maintain,pest and disease free and they flower in the poorest of soils. Not to mention they are easiest to grow from seeds as well. Japanese morning glories are the uniquest of all and they have very beautiful rare patterns. Here are some of these i grew from seed and they all are growing on my terrace in pots and some in soil bed. All are grown from  seed.

This is Carnevale di venezia. Not truly a Japanese morning glory but a different one.

This is front view of my terrace covered with "Milky way" morning glory.
This is Japanese morning glory navy blue with white strips growing in pot and reached on the 2nd floor terrace.
This is Japanese morning glory FUJI NO SORA growing on my terrace in a pot.

This is another Japanese morning glory with crimson blue color flower having white strips
This one is also with white stripes but not very prominent in this picture.
I am happy to see seed pods forming for some of these morning glories. Would love to grow them again next year. I hope you would try some too :)

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