Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top 25 fragrant perennials for lahore

25-Ixora parviflora - white flowers scented
Ixora parviflora lahore
23-Passion flower-- ghari phool-- climber--- late summer bloomer --slightly fragrantpassion flower ghari phool


22- Brugmansia or angel's trumpet-- late summer bloomer -- fragrant

brugmansia angel trumpet
21- lemon/tangerine/orange-- they all flower almost whole year. Chinese naranji is more fragrant than others

citrus orange naranji

20-Tropical water lily - perennial water plant in lahore/karachi
tropical waterlily nymphea lahore
19- Rose - blooms year round specially in temperate climate
rose ghulab

18- Jasminum officinale (desi chambeli) -- climber--blooms in winter months and spring
poet jamsine chambeli jasminum officinale


17- Jasmine polyanthum -- climber--winter jasmine-- early spring bloomer
jasmine polyanthum winter jasmine pink jasmine


16- jasminum fluminense (juhi) - climber--blooms mainly in summer
indian juhi jasmien azoricum fluminense


15- Jasmine nitidum -- climber--blooms year round (specially in lahore)
jasmine nitidum angelwing jasmine

 14- Honeysuckle (lonicera) -- climber-- blooms in summer
 lonicera japonica honeysuckle

13- wisteria-- climber-- blooms in spring
wisteria vine

12- Gardenia jasminoides -- shrub-- blooms in summer ans sometimes in wintergardenia florida jasminoides


11- Star jasmine -- spring/summer bloomer -- star shaped white flowers. a bit slow jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides


10-Plumeria (Chumpa) - blooms in summer - does not like winters

9- Stephanotis Floribunda -- climber-- very fragrant

8- Artabotrys -- very slow grower -- summer bloomer


 7- Brunfelsia -- Francisea -- shrub
6- Buddleia Asiatica -- Butterfly bush-- white flowers

5-Quisqualis indica - Rangoon creeper (jhumka vine)

4- vallaris glabra - Soniya vine - night scented flowers


3- Cestrum Nocturnum -- raat ki rani -- summer/autumn bloomer


2- Jasmine sambac (motia) -- indian motia or lebanese motia is more fragrant than pakistani motia. While mogra is not fragrant at all.

1- murraya paniculata (chinese marwa) -- shrub-- blooms in rainy season and if its Desi murraya then in spring as well


Aliya8710 said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, I used to live in Karachi and Islamabad when I was young (I now live in the UK) and I remember buying necklaces made of the sweetest smelling white flower. The smell is beautiful, and very fragrant. The flower is obviously quite common, and I also remember it growing in out garden.
I was wondering whether you knew what flower this is likely to be? I recognise it as Jasmine from your photos and descriptions but I'm not sure what type?
Thanks you in advance

Muhammad khabbab said...

The flower you are referring to is Jasmine sambac called motia in urdu, necklaces very common of it.
There is another jasmine called Jasminum officinale (chambeli) whose necklaces were common in gone days. And thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog.

Autumn Belle said...

These are all my fave flowers for fragrance. I am very attracted to the white ixora as I did'nt know there are scented ixoras. Now, I'm planting more scented flowers to my garden too.

soniafarooq said...

Im so glad to finally see a blog which covers gardening tips directly relevant to our climate and city!!you have such a nice blog-ill definitely be following it!ive recently started gardening myself and get soo confused when i end up at nurseries here in lahore, so im going on a trial and error basis right now. your blog will surely help.

Anonymous said...


im looking for a pernnial creeper for my 35ft high wall (abt 50 ft wide) preferrably with sweet smelling flowers and one which needs little support on the wall since its quite high.

il appreciate ur advice. also pls let me know if u know any decent gardner looking for a job in lahore.


Anonymous said...

where can buy flowering wisteria. mine has not bloomed after 10 years.
and flowering hydrengea

Tashfeen said...

Today i purchased Jhumka vine i want to know about this vine because i am new person on all these botanic things. please tell can i grow my jhumka vine in water tub which is made of plastic or it is necessary to grow into mud pot.what do u suggest.and today i visited lots of necessaries and they don't know the name except few and they have no catalog where i may suggest after seeing the pic of any flower creeper or tree.

Muhammad khabbab said...

Tashfeen, it is a very common vine in lahore. Fragrant flower year round. Keep pruning it. I would suggest a 14 inches clay pot minimum. Don't grow in water tub as this vine needs depth rather than width. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pervez Khan said...

I just discovered this site. THANKS. I bought this piece of land in zone 4 of islamabad. The lay of the land is very interesting. Some plain,50 % flat, steep hillside , a saddle and a deep depression. The flora is diverse within this little 20 kanals because of the varying microclimates. I planted some flowering bushes and CHeer but due to my absence abroad and a careless absetee Mali not many survived. I do NOT want o grow an orchard but a self sustaining garden .
Wouls you like to suggest plants, vines, bushes, fruit trees and grasses that I might plant.
The only blooming WESTERIA , that I have seen in Pakistan is in Abbotabad. Do you think it will bloom in Islamabab?
thanks for a great site.

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