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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Murraya Magic

Murraya exotica is my favorite shrub. Its powerful fragrance fills the air and makes you enchanted with it. Growing in a large clay pot, its strongly perfumed flowers attract lots of bees and butterflies. Strangely, with the change of season, butterflies have also changed. I think previous ones just migrated to some more warm region. And the ones coming here are more cold tolerant. Here are some of the pics i captured of this pretty shrub and do i need to tell you that the fragrance made me not to move away for a long, pretty long time actually.

marva murraya paniculata orange jasmine

butterfly moth on murraya exotica marwa
common lime butterfly on murraya marva lahore
common lime butterfly nectar flower murraya paniculata

butterfly on murraya paniculata exotica marva
flower of murraya attracting a butterfly
murraya exotica attracting a butterfly
butterfly like marva flower
butterfly marva flower in pot

murraya paniculata attracts butterflies
bee on murraya flower
macro of bee nectar murraya flower
murraya flower attracts bees

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Growing in pots? you have to see this!!!!!

Now this is something very encouraging for those who have no space like me and are restricted to pot culture. Folks, this railway creeper is at least 15 feet and the plastic container is only 4 inches deep. and i have placed it on a concrete shade which is further 8 feet high from the ground. Now don't ask me how did i manage to put this clay filled container on this shade!!!. The pic is taken from roof top.
railway creeper ipomoea palmata

Allamanda in same container, almost 10 feet high.
Acutally there is another vine in the middle, morning glory. But i think she is over taken by these two and hardly nourishing. But she will bloom too, for sure, just wait a while. This pic taken at 4x optical zoom of canon powershot.
allamanda cathartica golden trumpet vine

Who says you cannot attract butterflies and bees with container gardening? well i surely think otherwise. now i am not good at bees and i think this is a carpenter bee. sorry for not capturing this bee closer, actually i am afraid of their sting!!!!!
bee pot plant

carpenter bee lahore pakistan

carpenter bee on flower

carpenter bee urban area

I captured this butterfly when thick black clouds had taken over and rain was just coming by. This cutie took shelter on my jasmine nitidum leaf. It was very low light and you can see some grains in the picturesulphur butterfly on leaves

Isn't it strange that this mushroom sprouted, oops i think we can use this word sprout with fungi as well, right? in this D shaped pot instead of my soil bed. They grow almost every year during monsoon rains.
mashroom lahore

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Angelwing jasmine,barleria,railway creeper in my garden

This is jasmine nitidum - one of my favorite jasmines because it blooms nonstop from April till november. divine fragrance. i am growing it in a 16 inches clay pot.
jasmine nitidum angelwing jasmine

Gomphrena - bachelor's button, pink color - seems out of focus pic.
gomphrena bachelor button lahore

Can someone help me Id this butterfly bush?. it has fragrant white blossoms and flowers in late summer from August-October here. its leaves are broad as compared to buddleia davidii.
sweet almond verbena aloysia virgata

some dragon fly on star jasmine stem
dragonfly lahore

Barleria. not one of my favorite but color is good
barleria cristata lahore

Water hyacinth, the official flower of province sindh in pakistan. gorwing in a round clay pot of 10 inches diameter. it is found abundant and wild not only in sindh but in our province punjab as well. considered a weed here.

what a shot, isnt' it? both my tropical water lilies in one shot. and both are blooming non stop. they will go dormant in winter. the upper pot is bigger than the other. i just love them. note that the the first one is fully opened but panama pacific below is just starting to open. first one is also viviparous and you can see the viviparous leaf in the picture.

close up of waterlily in smaller pot

Tradescantia blooming

And last but not least, the railway creeper. i am growing this vine in a plastic square container in which i am also growing allamanda and morning glory. and that container is placed 12 feet high on a concrete shade. just parallel to my terrace. now this is what i call urban/small space gardening.

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