Monday, February 22, 2010

Buttercup oxalis,iceland poppy, calendula in my garden

Anemone which i grew from bulbs, this one is first bloomer.

Shirely poppies, more free flowering but less delicate then ice land ones

Iceland poppies, my favorite.

Calendula, they come in bi-colors too.

Oriental lily, very fragrant. The aroma fills the whole home not just room.


I love oxalis and bees love too. Very adaptable to our warm climate.

Bees love this dahlia

This one shot at Lawrence garden lahore, Pretty Gerbera daisy.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden geek nominated in National Blog Awards

It is a pleasure for my blog Garden Geek be be nominated for category of "Best Photo Blog" in Pakistan's First National Blog awards. Although my blog is not specifically a photo blog, there was no category related to gardening or environment so i went for nearest category that is best photo blog. I did ask the organizers of Google Pakistan and CIO pakistan to have a category for gardening and environment but no avail yet. Probably they know mine would be the only blog in the category :P

When i competed for Blotanical awards 2009 for Best Container gardening blog i was not even sure i would be in top five but thanks to your support, i was number 5. I hope my blog will be among best chosen in photo blog category in my country's national blog awards.

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2. Rate my blog by clicking the number of stars for the voting (5 Stars means the highest, 1 Star is the Lowest)
3. Write a small comment on the same page where you will rate us about Garden Geek. Even a word should be more than enough! =)

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dahlia Delight

Dahlias are among the first ones to bloom along with cosmos this spring. There are mainly two types available. The single ones, grown from seed and double ones, grown from tubers. cuttings are also available for double ones at cheap price. Tubers were available at around Rs 100-150 each. Double flower is also called indian dahlia while single ones is locally called Pakistani dahlia.

I always prefer single ones not because they are cheap but because they attract lots of bees and butterflies because of their nectar power. There is also a sense of adventure in single ones as they are hybird with mixed parentage, no one knows which type of flower will be produced. Also, you may find more than one types of flowers on a single plant. They are also more adaptable to our conditions and are more heat tolerant than double ones.
All the below shots were taken from dahlias i grew from seedlings in containers on my terrace.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best of 2009

I started this blog in August 2009 and i did not know it would go so far. Although my series of flowering bulbs for warm climates is still going and another series of spring blooming plants for lahore/karachi is underway, lets take a look at best shots from year 2009. i hope you will like it.

Winner of best photo blogger