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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Butterflies of Murree - Common four ring butterfly

Continuing the Butterflies of Pakistan series, the next few posts will be covering the butterflies of Murree hills including Nathia gali, Bhurban and pipeline track near donga gali. The first one to start with is Common four ring butterfly with botanic name Ypthima huebneri. It is found in  mostly Asia, including Burma, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore.
This photo i took in Nathiagali main road near the bazar.

Ypthima huebneri
This butterfly is easy to capture and i also found it on the pipeline track near donga gali. Most of the times it is not found on flowers but just enjoying the full sun, gathering heat from the sun rays with its opened wings.
common four ring butterfly

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flowers of Murree hills - Pipeline track

This is the last post in this series of posts "Flowers of murree hills". This last post was delayed because i was unable to identify some flowers. Still there are some flowers i can not identify and any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

This is Oenothera rosea, evening primrose. Blooming happily in the crack of a steep hill. In fact it was growing on a hilly slope, no soil visible at all. Location was nathiagali.
Oenothera rosea, evening primrose

This is the first from the un-identified flowers. Seems like a Ranunculus but not sure which species.
Ranunculus alpine

yellow buttercup flower

This one is another unknown flower. Blooming in the mountain crack of pipeline track at Donga gali.
flower of nathia gali

This is also a very common bush on the pipeline track. Fragrant white starry flowers. I thought of wax flower, hoya but hoyas do not thrive in this cold area. Maybe an Abelia.
fragrant white flower alpine

This one is again i could not identify. It is a small tree and few flowers were there. May be a robinia. i captured it in Nathia gali main road.
robinia tree flower

This one seems to be Hypochaeris radicata, dendelion.
Hypochaeris radicata, dendelion

Another unknown flower on the pipeline track.
white flower yellow center pipeline track

The last of the unknown flowers, it was not fragrant.
yellow bush donga gali

I will try to put a post on butterflies of Bhurban and Nathiagali next.

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