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Monday, August 27, 2012

Butterflies of Islamabad - Clouded yellow butterfly

Another butterfly which i captured during my visit to Rose and Jasmine garden Islamabad was clouded yellow butterfly Colias croceus. It was sitting on the rose bush not on the flowers. Because roses are not good pollinators hence not attracting much butterflies. Roses of this garden were very ornamental though. I did not see this butterfly in lahore but it can be found in lahore i guess. Here is my picture i took:

Clouded yellow butterfly

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Butterflies of Murree - Common four ring butterfly

Continuing the Butterflies of Pakistan series, the next few posts will be covering the butterflies of Murree hills including Nathia gali, Bhurban and pipeline track near donga gali. The first one to start with is Common four ring butterfly with botanic name Ypthima huebneri. It is found in  mostly Asia, including Burma, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore.
This photo i took in Nathiagali main road near the bazar.

Ypthima huebneri
This butterfly is easy to capture and i also found it on the pipeline track near donga gali. Most of the times it is not found on flowers but just enjoying the full sun, gathering heat from the sun rays with its opened wings.
common four ring butterfly

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Butterflies of lahore - Pioneer white butterfly

This post is another one in the series of "Butterflies of Lahore". You can see previous posts on butterflies in the menu of this website.
Pioneer white butterfly(Belenois aurota) is also a common butterfly of lahore. It is mostly seen in lahore in winter and spring. You can see it often in the Chyrsanthemum flower show flowers.
Pioneer white butterfly on trumpet honeysuckle
It is often found on flowers instead of foliage or in open sun. Most of the times it is in gardens but i have seen it on my terrace as well. Like all butterflies it is always found in full sun. All these pictures of pioneer white butterfly are from Lawrence gardens lahore

Belenois aurota pioneer white butterfly on chrysanthemum flower

Because it is a common butterfly in lahore, i guess it is also found in other parts of Pakistan. Probably it migrates from higher mountains to lower plains in winter.
Pioneer white butterfly in lahore

Apart from "Butterflies of lahore", there will be a post on "Butterflies of Murree hills" soon.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Butterflies of Lahore - Denaid Eggfly Butterfly

This is second post in the series of "Butterflies of Lahore" I am covering. Denaid Eggfly Butterfly with technical name Hypolimnas misippus is not a very common butterfly but not rare either. It is mostly found in gardens and you will not frequently see it in the streets. It is present in lahore almost whole summer. Here is the back view of the butterfly.
Denaid Eggfly Butterfly

It is mostly found on ground covers in my experience but i also captured it many times on mums. Very fast mover and not easy to capture but once it stays, it stays for a while and this is the time to capture its beauty. And the side view is much different and more beautiful as well.
Hypolimnas misippus

These shots were taken in Lawrence gardens lahore in summer of 2011. I could not find this butterfly in any other garden. The side view does imitate plain tiger butterfly though.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Butterflies of Islamabad - Blue Pansy

My first series of butterflies and that is of those butterflies i captured in Islamabad, Pakistan. Other series will be butterflies of lahore, pakistan in which i will show you at least 10 butterflies which i captured in lahore.

The first one is blue pansy with scientific name Junonia orithya. It is native to Africa and south east Asia.

I captured it in Rose and Jasmine garden Islamabad. I did not find it in lahore. It was captured in early winter so chances are there it migrated from the upper hills areas. It is sun loving species and found mostly on dirt, grass and other open areas.

In Australia this butterfly is known as the Blue Argus. Although it is a common butterfly of Pakistan, i am yet to find it in lahore.
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