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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Flowers - My Garden 2014

Here are some pics from my container garden on roof top:

Dahlia fireworks mixed, From seeds.
All my roses are first year except double delight.

Burgundy iceberg, i am big fan of icebergs, they are top floribunda. First year, so kept only one bloom, rest pinching till next year.

Brilliant Pink Iceberg, Own root. I have planted another own root pin iceberg at bottom of my neem tree as iceberg is very shade tolerant, i will show its pics next year.

Fragrant plum grandiflora. Wonderful scent. I am enjoying my roses in pots a lot.

This is French Lace, a floribunda, i love its color and its compact size. Own root.

A miniature rose, my kid removed its tag, its a famous named variety. Own root.

Another mini rose, i think it is winsome. Own root.

Petunias and in center dimore.

Amaryllis Tres Chick

Carnation, I intend to keep them as perennial, lets see if they survive monsoons.

In my soil bed


Aster Pink tower, From seed. The actual plant has around 6 flowers but i could not take picture.

Brunfelsia, growing under neem tree, doing fine.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kachnar,Candytuft,gladiolus flowers

Here are some of the flowers blooming in my garden and some of the shots are taken from lawrence gardens lahore.
This one is a small tree, having white flowers in the spring. Not sure about the ID yet. Photo taken in lawrence gardens lahore.

Candytuft with botanic name Iberis blooming in lawrence garden. Planted in masses, stunning flowers.

Bauhinia purpurea with local name kachnar. A street tree in lahore, pakistan. Blooms not only in spring but also in fall sometimes. There are many other bauhinia species growing in lahore including some vines. Perhaps a post specific to Bauhinia is due on me.

The enchanting fragrance and exquisite blooms of freesia. Although these are modern freesia hybird, fragrance is still intense. Watch for my next post of growing freesia in hot climates. Blooming. happily on my terrace in clay pots. They naturalize here in lahore

Chrysanthemum tricolor with synonym Ismelia carinata and common name painted daisy. Local name desi gendi. Comes in many shades of tricolor.

Another beautiful tree from lawrence garden. Will update the ID soon.

This is some variant of jasmine. Not fragrant though. The masses of flowers put a brilliant show in many months of the year.

Gladiolus, grown from bulbs in fall. It has potential to be a perennial in warm climate as ours. Comes in many shades. Top bouquet flower.

This is some jasmine shrub blooming happily in model town park lahore. Not fragrant though.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Annual Spring Flower Show Lahore - Part 1

This year's annual spring flower show was held at bara dari in lawrence garden aka jinnah bagh lahore. It was 152nd annual flower show and lasted for about a week. The special feature of the show was that it was collaborated with iran's culture centre, they are also celebrating their spring these days. There was a special corner for iran's flowers and their floriculture. I must say they had one of the beautiful flowers i have ever seen which i will share in next part. So here goes the flower show:
This was joint flag of pakistan and iran.
Helichrysum also known as paper flowers planted in groups. Very pretty indeed.
Geraniums, and these seemed to be geraniums not pelargoniums.
These are the cranesbill geraniums.
Another beautiful plant whose name i am forgetting right now but but very pretty in masses.
There were many stalls and few were selling bonsai at very high cost. Although personally i do not like bonsai but people seemed to be interested in them.
succellents were also displayed and people bought them with interest.
There were many mass plantings of petunia but this one just caught my eye.
This iris was about 3 feet high probably raised from bulb.
Statice are becoming popular at cut flower shops as well due to their lasting capabilities.
Many types of roses were displayed. This one is miniture rose.
This is hybird tea rose.
The floribunda rose.
Another mass planting of these beautiful yellow flowers i was unable to identify at first glance.
Many types of gladiolus were also displayed including imported ones and local ones. This one was gem of all.
Although digitalis foxglove do not grow very well here in plains, the sellers do manage to get them bloom and sell at high prices. This one was one example. I discourage buying high altitude plants in plains, ahhm okay i admit aquilegia is an exception.

What do you think a spring annual show can be complete without mums? here they go. By the way here is exclusive coverage of chrysanthemum flower show few months back.

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