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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lensing moon flowers at night

Ipomoea alba also known as moonflowers bloom in my garden in september. This time i bought the seeds and sowed myself. These are large seeds and i love sowing large ones as they germinate more readily and easily then the smaller ones. I planted them along with morning glory seeds. Although they have just started blooming but they are still not in full rhythm. When they come to their own, their speed of bloom opening is so fast you can make a video of around 40 seconds from start till end.

Until october arrives, they do not open fully till dark. so i had to capture them in dark as well. now this is not easy lensing them after dusk but i did manage to get few pics worth posting.
moon flower ipomoea alba

In above picture you can see buds of morning glory along with moon flowers. In morning i enjoy morning glory blooms and at dask, fragrance of moon flowers fill the air. although my datura wins the competition of fragrance but still moonflowers have their own subtle citrus fragrance.
white morning glory night blooming fragrant

This last picture paid my efforts. this is one of macro shots and i had not thought a night macro shot would come so good. and this is not all, capturing a flower 15 feet high in the air while i was almost hanging in the air with trembling hands going for a macro shot, that was pure fun. I really enjoyed this pic.
ipomoea alba moon flower lahore

Friday, July 3, 2009

Khizra Nursery - Haripur

This plants nursery is situated in main G.T road haripur. I bought so sought after Brugmansias from them. OMG, the flowers were so huge, almost more than my hand's length and fragrant i was just amazed. I tried but could not find anu brugmansia from lahore. May be because its a toxic plant which usually all daturas do. I also bought Some pelargoniums from them. If any one is after burgmansias, they are definitelty worth trying.

I also plan to get seeds for Datura metel bellarina from UK for their dwarf nature and fragrant flowers all summer long. Their seeds, toxic though, are easy to germinate in lahore and it flowers first year from seed. Mine's not starting to bloom yet but i have my fingers crossed, let see.

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