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Monday, August 10, 2009

A sight to behold - Water lily blooming

so it is the second waterlily blooming in my garden. it is first day of its bloom. wonderful sight. note that it is not deep blue as compared to the first one but light blue with shades of white and yellow center. i just love it. my brother says it reminded him of old movie scenes lolz.

pic from my cell phone. at 9am sharp
tropical waterlily

This one taken at 2pm.
light blue waterlily careaula

blue waterlily

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

List of plant nurseries of lahore

Being a garden enthusiast, i would like to share with you plants nurseries of lahore. Find below their contact numbers as well. These are without any sorting or rank.

1 Hassan Nursery, Qazzafi Stadium Lhr Mr. Ashfaq 5764446 0300-4309634

2 GEO Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Ali Raza 0300-9485713

3 A-One Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Javed

4 Malik Nursery, Johar Town, Lhr Mr. Slaeem

5 Pattoki Nizami Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr. Mudassar 0300-4331247

6 Shakeel Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr. Jalil Ahsan 0300-4536733

7 Golrha Sharif Nursery, Lala Zar Mr. Shoaib 0300-9434009

8 Data Nursery, Lala Zar, Lhr Mr.Rai Maqsood Ahmad 0300-8856532

9 Brother Nursery, Lala Zar Mr. Aslam 0300-4331352

10 Arain Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Ch. Akbar 0300-4134614

11 Wahab Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Mr. Arif 0300-4287867 5853225

12 Ali Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Mr. Shahid

13 Pak, Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Mr. Mukhtar 5834086

14 New Pak Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Mr. Fahim 0333-4232616

15 Abbass Nursery, Lhr Muhah Din Sb. 0333-4222731

16 Haq Nursery, Kalma Chowk, Lhr Mr. Anwar Sb 5869095

17 Al-Riaz Nursery Township, Lhr Ali Sb 0333-6982275

18 Haji Chirag Din Nursery, Walton Rd, Lhr M. Amin 0321-4076021

19 Karmanwala Nursery, Walton Rd, Lhr Mr. Nazir Ahmad 0300-4132162

20 Amjad Nursery, Qazzafi Stadium, Lhr Rehman Naeem 0300-4716445

21 Nishat Nursery, Kalma Chowk, Lhr Muhammad Muzamil 5833535

22 Ghulam Nabi Nursery, Gazzafi Stadium, Lhr Ghulam Nabi 5764233, 0300-4297756

23 Rich Green Nursery, Model Town, Lhr Habib Ullah Khan 0321-4348269

24 Akram Nursery, Qaddafi Stadium, Lhr Ch. M. Akram 0300-4253571

25 Rahat Nursery, Walton Road, Lhr Mian Khlid Noor 0300-4646676

28 Shaheen Nursery, Hakim Chowk Lhr Ch. Asghar 0300 5544428

29 GEO Nursery, Wapda Town, Lhr Mr. Abbass 0321 4243340

30 Al-Imran Nursery, Pattoki Mr. Shaukat 0300-4253626

31 Golden Nursery, Shalimar Link Rd, Lhr Mr. Ata Muhammad 6846058

32 Mian Ishaq Nursery, Kalma Chowk Lhr Mian Muhammad Ishaq 0300-8464424

33 Lahore Nursery, Kalma Chowk, Lhr Haji Latif Sb.

34 Yasin Nursery Qazzafi Stadium, Lhr Yasin Sb.

35 Islam Nursery Wapda Town, Lhr Sarfraz sb 0300-4575913

36 Zulfiqar Nursery, Civil Hospital DHQ FSD Aslam sb. 0333-6517335

37 Mian Flower Land, FSD Abdul Manan 0300-7637667

38 Lyall pur Gardens, Faisalabad 0320-5453564

39 Evergreen Nursery, Faisalabad Muhammad Tahir 0300-6636815

40 Arain Brothers, Wapda Town, Lhr Mian Tariq 0300-4012210

41 Zain Nursery, Wapda Town, Lhr Zahid Moeen 0300-4307987

42 Pattoki Nursery Farm, Peshawar Morr Islamabad Liaquat Sb. 0300-9546261

43 Ahmad Garden & Cut Flower, Zafar Ali Rd, Lhr Mian Javed Ahmad 0333-4221574

44 Plant Age Nursery, Cantt Lahore Muhammad Ali 0300-9492197

45 Mardan Nursery, Islamabad Hasham Khan 0300-5012568

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