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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seeds Shops & Plant nurseries of Karachi

Many thanks to Sara Anis and Izhar ul haq, two keen gardeners from karachi, for helping me out in the compilation of this list. Any corrections or additions will be highly appreciated.

Seeds Shops

Abdul seeds store  : Selling flower , vegetables and grass seeds (its the only store that sells grass seeds here) and gardening supplies they have 2 shops :

Shop # 11, inside empress market , sadar, karachi
Phone: +92 21 32250852
khuda bux : +92 300 2385499
abdul karim : +92 300 2542796

shop # 5 , plot # 84 , 10th commercial stree, near al falah bank, phase 4 , DHA , karachi
Phone: +92 21 35312995
saleh mohammad : +92 307 2162568

Lotia sons : They have flower and vegetable seeds and lots of gardening supplies.
Shop# 2/A , hilltop arcade , gizri boulevard , phase 4 DHA ( near sunset boulevard signal )
Phone : +92 21 35836023
Shabbir lotia : +92 300 9202988

Micro Drip: Drip irrigation. F-178/3, Block-5, Kehkashan, Clifton.
Contact: Mr. Khadim Hussain. +92 300 3789432

Homes & Gardens: Seeds, Chemical Ferlizers, Tools, Compost, Pet food
3, 4 Amna Arcade, 11C, Shahbaz Commercial-II, Phase VI, Main Khayaban-e-Sehar, DHA
Contact Mr. Shamsi +92 300 8211214. Email:

Kaizen Enterprises: Compost.
plot No.294, Asu Goth, Malir, Karachi. Contact +92 303 2327649

Shareef seeds store: Deal in seeds, chemicals, fertilizers.
Shop No.18 & 12, Empress Market, Saddar.

Vitax garden shop : They have gardening supplies , flower and vegetable seeds and thier own products
Shop # 24-C, sunset boulevard near H.S.P. DHA garden center ,phase 2 , karachi
Phone: +92 21 6041800
Cell: +92 321 8281924

Another lady who is great is from Mom's Garden she sells seedlings , seeds and plants of vegetables and herbs and some fruits as well.
she is available to call on the 1st and 15th of the month and is always great with advice.
Cell: +92 301 2611687

Plant Nurseries

Dayem Nursery: plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings
Main Khayaban-e-Qasim, Phase VIII, DHA. Contact: +92 300 2355864

Diamond nursery. Imported and local plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings.
main branch :Plot No. ST 3/A, Block No. 13, Federal B Area. Karachi
Phone: +92 21 6800208, +92 21 6342883 Cell : +92 300 8237083

Other branch: Habib ibrahim rehmat ullah road , pns karsaz , karachi
Cell :+92 300 8281112

Gulshan Waqas Nursery: Plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings

Main Karsaz Road, Karachi. Contact Mr. Ashraf +92 333 2545640    Email:        

International Nursery: Plants, seedlings, manure. Hamdard University Road, Hub pumping station.
Contact: Mr. Rana Abdul waheed +92 333 3274016

Makkah Nursery Branch 1: Plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings. Main Karsaz Road, Karachi.
Contact: Mr Fareed +92 322 2495550
Branch 2: Landscaping, Rooftop gardens, pond. Main Khayaban-e-ittehad, Phase II, DHA
Contact: Mr Naveed Fareed +92 321 8296662

Manzoor Nursery: Main Karsaz Road. Contact: +92 300 8284442

Plants n Plants: Branch 1: Plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings. Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road.
Branch 2: Landscaping, Rooftop gardens, ponds. 62 Khayaban-e-Janbaz, Phase V, DHA
Contact: Mr. Usman Haq +92 333 2128515

Rose Nursery: Plants, seedlings, Manure. Hyderi Market, Block D.
Contact: MR Abdul raqeeb +92 300 2337174

Sailors Nursery: Plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings, ponds, bonsai.
habib ibrahim rehmat ullah road , pns karsaz , karachi
Phone : . +92 21 6040090
Cell : Mr Yameen Ahmed +92 300 8256492, +92 314 2282704

Shadab Nursery: Plants, seedlings, manure. Main Korangi Road, Phase II, DHA
Contact: Mr Mumtaz hussain +92 300 2286119

Mr. Green nursery : Plants, Orchids, Imported plants, seedlings, ponds
near pns raza , national stadium road, Dalmia, Karachi
Cell: Mr. Zar wali +92 300 2007757 , +92 333 2007757

Cactus and succulents : S M jamshed asmi
Cell: +92 300 9252594 , +92 313 9252594
Email :

Tanzeela planters : landscaping, maintenance and good advice about plants -mr. khawaja rizwan jameel
suite # 304, HMH square sir shah sulman road , gulshan e iqbal, Karachi
Cell: +92 345 2251062

Baahir :  stuff like  furniture , fountains ,planters, trellises, bbq grills ( they have offices all across Pakistan )
+92 111-222-447 , +92 800 22447
Cell: +92 336 5502021
Email :

Monday, December 20, 2010

Seeds shops and Plant nurseries of Islamabad/Rawalpindi

During my recent visit to islamabad, I visited many gardening resources including seeds shops and plant nurseries. Many thanks to expert gardener Tahir khan from Rawalpindi for helping me out.

Here are some of the best.

Seeds shops:
Rawalpindi: Awan seeds store, committee chowk. Phone #: +92 51 5537828
Islamabad: Only two shops which I found and these were both in F-8 Markaz.

1- Awan Garden Center: Probably they are the only one supplying flowering bulbs specially amaryllis belladonna, agapanthus and nerine lily in whole Islamabad. They also sell seeds of brychome swan river daisy, a fragrant spring annual not available in Lahore. Their variety of bulbs is very good.

Address: Shop # 12, Hashim Plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Phone: +92-51-2260454, Cell: 0300-5100975 Mr Saqib Awan

2- Green impex: They are right besides Awan garden centre. They are in whole sale supply of seeds and gardening accessories. Phone #: +92-51-2254540

3- Awan seeds Rawalpindi: They are in Rawalpindi. The also sell flowering bulbs. Their trademark is Rs 5 Ranunculus tuber which is so cheap because it is local production not imported one.

Plant Nurseries:
The best nurseries are in H-9 Islamabad. There is a whole lane called nurseries area. Some of the good nurseries I found are following:

1- Madina nursery: Islamabad branch of Madina nursery from Pattoki. They have huge variety of flowering and indoor plants. Phone #: +92-51-4446645, Cell: 0300-5024293 Yasin khan

2- Fateh Muhammad Nursery: One of the top nurseries of Islamabad. They are branch of famous Doctor nursery of pattoki. Phone #: +92-51-4442877, Cell: 0300-5131412 Mr Naveed Azhar

3- Makkah Nursery: Another good nursery of Islamabad. Phone #: +92-51-443193-2, Cell: 0300-8565965 Mr Iqbal

4- Green Land Nursery: Phone #: +92-51-4434850

5- Pattoki Nursery islamabad: Phone #: +92-51-4433748

Other good nurseries include Hamza nursery, Evergreen nursery, Bismillah nursery and Mardan Nursery etc.

There is another plants nursery which is in chak shahzad, Iqbal nursery. They have got good selection of american hybird day lilies and plants are reasonably priced as well. Contact # is Mr. Adil Iqbal, Cell # +92 300 5280880

Some of my next posts would be about Rose and Jasmine garden Islamabad and butterflies of islamabad

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tips for buying plants from nursery

It was not long ago when i started gardening few years back. It took a lot of mistakes, wasted money and valuable time to understand how and when to buy plants or seedlings from a plant nursery. In initial years excitement always overcame the wisdom and patience. Now things are quite different. Here are some of the tips from my personal experience on how to buy the plants from a plant nursery.
Do not buy a plant in bloom
Remember if you buy an already blooming plant then after transplanting it will not focus its energies on root development instead blooming only. Even if you are buying plants in pots and do not intend to transplant them, still it is better to buy healthy plants with no bud/bloom. If there is a bud or two, remove it before transplanting. As a result the plant will use its energies on root development and after then blooming will be profuse and much better.
Do not buy a plant not meant for your climate
In Spring, i always ask nursery men whether this aquilegia (columbine) is a perennial in my hot climate or not and believe me, although they very well know the correct answer, every time they say it is perennial. Sadly it is not true. Same is the case with delphinium and fuchsia which are annual for my zone 10. This is inversely true for northern gardeners that plants like brugmansia and jasminum sambac do not survive cold weather.Conclusion is, always consult form internet whether a particular plant is annual for your climate or not.Or if you are lucky you might find an honest nursery men.
Buy plants with healthy growth
Here is the trick which some clever nursery men do. They take a healthy plant out from soil bed and put it  i a large pot and sell it by saying it was raised in this pot. You must ensure the plant you are buying has a healthy new growth. Avoid plants with yellow leaves, wilting leaves, spotty leaves,brown or burnt leaves, leaves with bugs or pests on them. If there is not new growth then it can mean few things. Either the plant is dormant or the plant is root bound or there is some problem with this plant. If plant is root bound you will see the roots coming out of the bottom of the pot. Transplant root bound plant as soon as possible although i would discourage buying a root bound plant. Remember there are few perennials which bloom only when root bound. So some exceptions are always there.Purchase a dormant plant only if you very well know the plant.
Do not buy a plant in pot but roots in soil
Sometimes a plant is in a pot but the roots outbreak and reach into the soil searching for water and nutrition. Do not buy such plant as the root damage will shock the plant and it will not recover the shock. I once bought a yellow buddleia whose roots were gone into soil although it was in 6 inches pot. The plant did not show any damage within first 15 minutes. But it was dead in next 2 hours.
Keep cell numbers of sales man in your phonebook
It is very handy. You can always ask the sales man before going to nursery for availability of a plant. I use it for price comparison as well. My cell phone book contains more than 30 numbers confined to seeds shops and plant nurseries.

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