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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fried egg tree, sandpaper vine, plumbago and stephanotis in bloom

It is 15th again and here is the post for my garden bloggers bloom day. GBBD is a monthly event hosted by Carol at her website May Dreams Gardens where gardeners from all over the world post the pictures of flowers blooming in their garden on 15th of every month. Do visit her website for more interesting flowers.

This daylily was gifted to me by a gardener and he himself was not sure of the cultivar. Very pretty blooms. Much different than the common orange day lily.
daylily flower in lahore may

As i am covering trees of subtropics and lahore so here are some flowering trees.And first one is fried egg tree Oncoba spinosa. It starts flowering in May. Attracts lots of bees. For encyclopaedia of flowering trees, do check my post on encyclopaedia of flowering trees of subtropics
oncoba spinosa tree flower fried egg

This one is most elegant trees of lahore for sure. It is called gul-e-neelam or neelam here. Botanical name is jacaranda mimosifolia. There is another variant of jacaranda, more blue jacaranda but not pictured yet.
jacaranda mimosifolia neelam tree flower

This is brachychiton diversifolius there is no local name. There are many trees in india and pakistan of genus brachychiton. The one native of australia brachychiton australis is found in India as well.
brachychiton diversifolius tree flower picture

There are no leaves or almost none when in bloom and tree is covered with flowers.
brachychiton diversifolius tree warm climate

brachychiton diversifolius blooming in lawrence garden lahore

This one is another gem for warm climates. Purple Wreath Petrea Volubilis also known as sandpaper vine. You will find flowers of many colors on the vine at the same time. They are blue, then white, and yellowish white as well. Some what shrubby in nature.
petrea volubilis purple wreath sandpaper vine flower

Talking of shrubs, this one is a stunning shrub for warm climates. Hailing from South Africa, it is Plumbago capensis There is another variant with white colors but this one is more stunning. Flowers profusely whole summer if protected from afternoon sun.
plumbago capensis flower summer heat south africa

If there is one vine i wanted the flowers so badly, that was Stephanotis floribunda also known as Madagascar Jasmine, this one need lots of humidity and warm climate and here is the point, it dislikes extremely hot areas. True, it flowers late when mature but it is not a free flowering easy veasy vine. These flowers were shot in Lawrence gardens lahore and note that this is a very old and mature specimen. The fragrance is worth dying for sure.
stephanotis floribunda vine flower warm climate

stephanotis floribunda madagascar jasmine flower vine

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amaltas,Gul mohr, neelam and fragrant ixora

In this edition i will share with you the flowers which are currently blooming in lawrence garden (bagh-e-jinnah) lahore. Remember this is garden bloggers bloom day post and for others gbbd posts go to May Dream Gardens and check out other beautiful blogs showing some marvelous blooms from all around the world.
The first one is cassia fistula or amaltas. Very drought tolerant tree and blooms freely in this heat of over 110F. A common street tree with masses of yellow blooms.
At this time when not a lot of trees are blooming, cassia fistula gives eyes a treat to watch. You will lots of these trees in india and pakistan. In lahore a lot of specimens are planted on mall road.
Day lily is another common sight in lahore these days. There are mainly three varieties availabel here commercially. The yellow one which is cheapest, the orange one which is most common and the red one which is most expensive and slightly fragrant as well. Botanical name is Hemerocallis. And there are tons of cultivars and colors but here only these three are common. Some nurseries do sell other colors but at high rates. This is a perennial plant in our climate although flowers only in late spring and summer.
The tree is probably one of world's most beautiful trees. Having botanical name delonix regia but more famous with common name Gulmohar and flame tree. It is indeed a sight to watch when in bloom as it produces hundreds of flowers and looks like the tree is on fire.
If you look closely at the bloom it has very interesting shape like that of a claw.It changes its color with the passage of time. Remember this tree belongs to the pea family.
Here is what i would call the remnants of jacaranda and i belongs to the famous bignonia family.Remember tecoma?, yap same family.It was in full bloom in spring and whole tree was covered with blue flowers but now only some are left on the tree.
This fragrant ixora having botanical name ixora parviflora is also at the end of blooming in lawrence garden. What a scent!!!!
And now some blooms from my terrace a well. This morning glory the hardiest of all, blooms much earlier than other varities. I planted 3 various colors and will share with you as soon as other colors bloom but right now be content with this one only. And yes its botanical name is ipomoea purpurea.

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