Monday, November 4, 2013

Rose rose encyclopedia from Gardening Pakistan

Roses are considered the king of flowers. The gardening pakistan team is doing a great effort in compiling a list of most beautiful and famous roses both in northern and southern hemisphere. Of course it is expanding regularly and you will see many rose plants not available at other rose databases.

Here is the link to this rose encyclopedia

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Mujtaba G said...

Aoa, really appreciate your knowledge and experience in the field, i am a newbie in gardening and was searching for bulbs on the net from where i read your articles,i was really excited to read the about the knowledge of bulbs in pakistan , i found out some bulbs growing in garden and was curious to identify the type, plus i bought some tulips, daffodils, gladiolous and freesia bulbs regarding which i require your guidance, kindly if you can send me your email so that i post you pictures of the dug out bulbs, i have placed them in vases for now..

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