Monday, April 16, 2012

Winter lilac, Buddleja Asiatica in my garden

Winter lilac, Buddleja Asiatica is a very fragrant buddleja suitable for growing in hot climates. It flowers in spring here in lahore and possibly other warm climates. Another species of buddleja, Davidii does not like very high temperatures, thus, do not grow as good as asiatica. Although Davidii has advantage of flowering in summer off and on where as Asiatica flower only once in an year strictly once. I have this asiatica specimen in a large container garden on my terrace and honey aroma fills the air. Enjoy the pics.

buddleja asiatica

winter lilac

You must prune it soon after flowering for good flowering next year and a neat growth habit. Unlike davidii, It flowers on an old wood. It is normally propagated from cuttings.

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Bernie H said...

It's such a lovely Buddleja with those white and yellow flowers.

FlowerLady said...

This sounds like one that would grow well here in s.e. Florida.


Anonymous said...

It is a serious garden weed here in Hawaii. I would think twice before introducing it to your garden...

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