Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heliotropium arborescens and Hyacinth flowers

Heliotropium arborescens "marine" is a a very fragrant compact annual/perennial flower. Flowers cover the whole plant and vanilla fragrance is very strong. I bought seeds from chilterns seeds UK and sowed the seeds in October 2012 and it germinated in November 2012. It started flowering in March 2013. An annual in cold areas but tender perennial in warm climates like mine. Not sure how it will handle the extreme summer heat and monsoon humidity but the fragrance is really worth it. I will save seeds if it forms seeds.

Talking of fragrant flowers, Hyacinth is very fragrant spring bulb. It grows very good as annual in lahore. It is also successfully forced in special water jars. It is amazing that each color of hyacinth has unique fragrance. Sometimes hyacinth gives second flowering stalk too but that it not often. Hyacinth bulb is not worth saving for next year and must be bought again.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flower exhibition in Karachi 2013

The 62nd Pakistan Flower Show 2013 will be taking place at DHA Seaview Public Park on Thursday the 28th of Feb. The Flower Show will end on Sunday 3rd March 2013. The timings are from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Amaryllis Graffiti and Kashmir Dahlia

Kashmir dahlia is also called indian dahlia here but it is not from india. It is from holland. It is propagated from cuttings. These are raised and grown in cool areas like hilly mountains of Murree and then brought to warm areas in winter. It needs protection from fog and sever winter. It likes to be fed well and needs lot of energy to put large flowers. It goes dormant in summer and keeping it in soil bed is best option instead of digging and storing. It will re sprout in late summer. Not every indian dahlia is dinner plate. Full sun is must for good flowers. Remove spent flowers as soon as possible. This one is flowering on my terrace in a clay pot.

Hippeastrum (common amaryllis) is very ideal for growing in hot climates. There are two most common sources. The south african hybird and dutch hybirds. Hadeco are very famous south african company in hybridizing amaryllis. This one is hadeco Graffiti i am growing in a pot. Double amaryllis can also multiply specially in pot. Remember to bury only 1/3rd of the bulb below the soil.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plants having cosmetic value

Botanic NameFamilyCommon NameProperty
Acbillea millefolim AstaraceaeYarrowHair lotion against baldness. Heals spots, pimples, useful for face pack and dandruff. Cleanser for oily skin. Promotes sweating.
Acorus calamus AraceaeSweet FlagIt is used as a stimulating & invigorating bath.
Allium cepa LiliaceaeOnionThe skin of the onion is used as a dressing on facial and body sores.
Allium sativum LinnLiliaceaeGarlicLotion can help to control dandruff.
Aloe barbadensis Mill.LiliaceaeAloeUsed in beauty aids and suntan lotions. Possesses moisturizing and soothing properties.
Altbaea officinalis MalvaceaeMarsh MallowA marsh mallow face pack helps to combat dry flaky skin. Emollient.
Anetbum graveolens ApiaceaeDillThe oil is used as a fragrance component in cosmetics especially in soaps.
Borago officinalis BoraginaceaeBorageBorage juice obtained from the crushed plant & applied direct to the skin will cure ring worm.
Calendula officinalis AsteraceaeMarigoldUseful as an exfoliating facial soap for sensitive skin. Its flowers & leaves are very beneficial for clearing the skin of eczema, spots & grease. Healing of wounds, toning.
Carica papaya CaricaceaePapayaFruit pulp can be used as an ingredient in various shampoos and face creams. Enzymes in the fruit have a deep cleansing effect by breaking down the dead cells of the skin.
Carum carvi UmbelliferaeCarawayFragrance component in toothpaste, mouth wash products, cosmetics and perfumes.
Cassia alata L.CaesalpiniaceaeRingworm shrubThe flowers make a good paste for eczema.
Citrus limon Burmann.fRutaceaeLemonLemon juice is regarded as anti-wrinkle.
Cocos nucifera ArecaceaeCoconut OilCoconut oil was formerly the main ingredient in marine soaps.
Cucumis satiuns Cucurbitaceae Cucumber Refreshing & is used in lotions, creams, and masks.
Cucurbtta pepo Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin The roots are made into an infusion and used on herpes lesions, pimples.
Daucus carota Apiaceae Carrot seed Fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. Its oil is used in nourishing eye creams and the juice in facemasks.
Equisetum arvenseEquisetaceae Horsetail To encourage hair growth.
Eucalyptus globulus Myrtaceae Eucalyptus Purifies the air, The essential oil reduces airborne microbes.
Foeniculum vulgare Umbelliferae Fennel Its oil is used in soaps, toiletries and perfumes.
Glycyrrhiza glabraFabaceae Licorice root Used for skin irritations and in cosmetics for acne & sunburn.
Helianthus annuus AraceaeSunflowerIts oil is used for psoriasis & bruises. A simple soothing skin cream can be made from sunflower oil and comfrey.
Hypericum perforatum PericaceaeSt. John’s wortHelp to keep skin soft.
Hyssopus officinalis LamiaceaeHyssopEmployed as a fragrance component in soaps, eau de cologne.
Jasminum grandiflorumOleaceaeJasmineJasmine oil is used for a refreshing massage to perfume the scalp. Regarded as a perfume in many recipes. Cosmetic mouth washes, dentifrices.
Juniperus communis CupressaceaeJuniper cadeUseful for treating acne, massage and aids slimming. It is good for creams, soaps and lotions is fragrance work.
Laurus nobilis LauraceaeBayUse as fragrance component in detergents and cosmetics and especially after shaves.
Lavendula stoechas LabiataeLavenderAromatic oils are much used in perfumery. It is antiseptic and stimulating.
Lawsonia inermis LythraceaeHennaCures loss of hair and is used as growth accelerator and for decorating hands and feet.
Mangifera indica AnacardiaceaeMangoUnripe fruit is claimed to help heal a wide variety of skin eruptions, ranging from leprosy and sores to boils.
Matricaria abamomilla CompositaeChamomileAll sorts of modern hair preparations.
Mellissa officinalis LabiataeBalmFor its soothing effect use its oil in a back massage.
Lawsonia inermis LythraceaeHennaCures loss of hair and is used as growth accelerator and for decorating hands and feet.
Mangifer indica AnacardiaceaeMangoUnripe fruit is claimed to help heal a wide variety of skin eruptions, ranging from leprosy and sores to boils.
matricaria abamomilla CompositaeChamomileAll sorts of modern hair preparations.
Mellissa officinalis LabiataeBalmFor its soothing effect use its oil in a back message.
Mentba arvensis LabiataeGarden MintThe mint flavor of most toothpastes is derived from natural mint oil. Invigorates the bather.
Monarda didyma LabiataeBergamot Dried flowers and leaves add lasting color and fragrance to potpourris.
Ocimum basilicum LbiataeBasilThe oil is employed in high class fragrance, soap and dental products.
Olea europaea OleaceaeOlive oilMoisturizer for dry skin, lip balm, shampoo, hand lotion, soap, massages oil & dandruff treatment.
Phyllantbus emblica EuphorbiaceaeAmla oilThe fruits are used in hair dye and in hair shampoos.
Pisum sativum LeguminosaePeaFacemasks made from crushed peas are used in cases of acne and on wrinkled. Skins.
Plantago ovata Forssk.PlantaginaceaePlantainThe juice of the fresh herb is used in cream for its soothing effect.
Prunus amygdalusRosaceaeAlmondMost important of the fine cosmetic oils
Ricinus communis EuphorbiaceaeCastor oilUsed in many bath preparations & skin care formulations. It is an important ingredient of lipstick.
Rosa damascenaRosaceaeRed roseSoothing rose oil has a cooling effect on the face. Rose oil helps to ease premenstrual tension.
Rosmarinus officinalis LabiataeRosemaryIncrease hair shine and clears dandruff. It is used in any beauty care products in soaps and perfumed toilet waters and hair preparations.
Salvadora persica SalvadoraceaeTooth brush TreeEastern people made toothpaste from this plant.
Salvia officinalis LabiataeSageUse fresh leaves as toothpowder. Good tooth cleaner.
Saussurea lappaAsteraceaeCostusFixative, fragrance component used in cosmetics. Used in the preparation of rich perfumes and hair oils.
Stellaria media (L.)CaryophyllaceaeChickweedChickweed tea is helpful in slimming programmes. Its lotion helps to clear and refine the skin.
Taraxacum officinali.CompositaeDandelion Best of pimples acne & spots.
Thymus vulgaris LabiataeThymeThe oil is used in mouth washes and toothpaste. It is a fragrance component in soaps, after shaves.
Trigonella foenum-graecumFabaceaeFenugreekTreats severe skin inflammations, chapped lips & mouth ulcers.
Tulsilago farfara CompositaeColtsfootColtsfoot face pack is a good treatment for spots, pimples and acne. It is also used as a hair shampoo.
Urtica dioicaUrticaceaeNettleOil from the leaves is useful for the hair.
Valeriana officinalis ValerianaceaeValerianUsed as a fragrance component; antidandruff.
Viola odorata ViolaceaeSweet VioletUsed in high-class perfumery work. Bath addition.
Vitis uinifera VitaceaeGrape speedUseful in anti-aging and skin-lightening cosmetics.
Zingiber officinale RoscoeZingiberaceaeZingiberFragrance component in cosmetics especially oriental and men’s fragrance.
Azadirachta indicaAll PartsNeemRegarded as a blood purifier.
Cassia tora SeedPanwarIt is a blood purifier.
Curcuma longa RhizomeChob zardHighly used as a blood purifier
Dalbergia sissoo BarkShisham Blood purifier.
Fumaria officinalis PlantShahteraRegarded as a blood purifier.
Hemidesmus indicus RootUshbah-desiCommonly recommended as a blood purifier.
Psoralea corylifolia Seed BabchiBabchi is a blood purifier.
Smilax cbina RootChob chiniIt is considered as a blood purifier.
Sphaeranthus indicusFlowerGul-e-MundiFlowers are esteemed as blood purifier.
Swertia chirataPlantChirataRegarded as a blood purifier.
Tephrosia purpureaLeavesSarphokaRegarded as a blood purifier.
Tinospora cordifoliaPlantGiloCommonly used as a blood purifier.
Ziziphus vulgarisFruitUnnabIt is a blood purifier.
Note: The above is original work of Muhammad Afzal Rizvi, Hamdard University, Karachi. He could not be contacted for reproduction but his credit is displayed for his original work. I have made corrections and updates to this information though.

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